About Us

Everything Essential, LLC became official in March 2018 by shop creator Leah Gray-McDade in Hixson, TN - that's me! I am the Mom to 5 children in a blended family with the most recent additions being twins, a boy and girl, and have spent the past 20 years of my professional career in Business in Human Resources. My father was a Chemist and Dentist, and I am also degreed in Science Education. I have a passion for helping others, a knowledge of sciences and business, and I am combining various life-learned practices and knowledge to promote wellness and well-being for others. My desire is to offer quality everyday products to those who desire the benefits of using natural ingredients for improved health and wellness.

The products available here were formulated and handmade by me in our home for my family's use to meet a demand for products made without dangerous chemicals, and - even better - to improve health instead of hurting. Many members of our family have suffered from severe allergies and sensitivities. We found such great benefits from using these products and we know you will, too! Give these products a try, tell your friends, and improve the health of yourself and your loved ones! Give the best gift of all to yourself and your loved ones: a healthier, happier, and longer life!